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  حصريا لعبة الأكشن الرهيبة Monster Hunter Portable 3rd بحجم 585 ميغا

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مُساهمةموضوع: حصريا لعبة الأكشن الرهيبة Monster Hunter Portable 3rd بحجم 585 ميغا   الجمعة سبتمبر 30, 2011 6:40 am



Monster Hunter Portable 3rd


Monster Hunter Freedom 3, also called Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (モンスターハンターポータブル3rd?) in Japan is the latest installment in the Monster Hunter franchise for the PlayStation Portable system that was released in Japan on December 1, 2010. The game was released, as a part of the PlayStation Portable Remaster series, on PlayStation 3. The game introduces new regions, monsters, and a revised Felyne combat system.[1] Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is not an update to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite or Monster Hunter Tri.Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is instead separate to the rest of the series, and most of the game has been entirely remade

New features

The new base of operations is Yukumo Village. This village has a feudal Japanese feel to it, both from its design to its residents. The player can take two Felynes out with him/her on a single player quest, up from the single companion of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. When you take Felynes out on quests, monster attacks are divided between the player and the companions, making hunts easier. Also new to Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is the ability to customize the Felyne companions' equipment. Doing so will change the creature's physical appearance and properties. The player will be able to customize the Felynes in three areas: weapon, head parts and torso parts. A new field introduced in the game is Mountain Stream (渓流 Keiryū). All the hunting fields in Monster Hunter Tri, along with the addition of the Mountain Stream field are included in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Underwater quests, however, have been completely removed, therefore maps such as the Deserted Island and Flooded Forest have been revised to work around this. Not all monsters from Monster Hunter Tri are present in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd - Lagiacrus, Gobul, and Ceadeus have been removed. Jinouga, the flagship monster of the game is shown on the cover art.
The Guild Hall now features a hot spring, similar to the Felyne Kitchen from previous games, which can be upgraded by clearing special 'Hot Spring Quests' which upgrade the effects of the hot spring, as well as the Felyne Whim Skills, which can now be chosen and selected by the player.


All weapon classes from previous games (Great Sword, Long Sword, Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Gunlance, Switch Axe, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun and Bow) are present in the game. The four classes which were not present in Tri (Dual blades, Hunting Horn, Gunlance and Bow) have been revised. The equipment creation and fortification systems received a variety of changes. Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto claimed that this area of the game will keep what was good from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Monster Hunter Tri and add new elements.New Creatures

Aoashira, an armored, Bear-like Pelagus.
Urukususu, a rabbit/hare like Pelagus found in the Tundra region .
Gagua, a Ratite-like Bird Wyvern.
Rangurotora, an armadillo like Pelagus.
Dosufurogi, a large, poisonous, red and frog-like skin Bird Wyvern and closely related to Great Jaggi and Great Baggi.
Zuwaroposu, a green Rhinoceros-like herbivore. and lives in Flooded Forests and Volcano areas.
Hapurubokka a new Leviathan found in the Sandy Plains.
Doboruberuku a new Brute Wyvern found mostly in the deserted island area.
Jinouga, an enormous, Wolverine-like Creature. It is the only member of its group, Fanged Wyverns. This creature is the flagship monster of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.
Subspecies for monsters from previous installments: Nargacuga Subspecies,Barroth Subspecies,Agnaktor Subspecies,Qurupeco Subspecies,Barioth Subspecies,Tigrex Subspecies, and Royal Ludroth Subspecies.
Amatsumagatsuchi, a gargantuan Elder Dragon that can be fought in a special area called The Sacred Mountain. And looks like a cross between the Japanese dragon and the Leafy sea dragon.




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حصريا لعبة الأكشن الرهيبة Monster Hunter Portable 3rd بحجم 585 ميغا
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